Reading the news on world events is enough to make you want to grab a cold drink. Why not have one that also supports those in Ukraine?

As it turns out, Icarus Brewing in Lakewood, New Jersey is helping you do just that.

The brewery has teamed up with Pravda Brewery from Lviv, Ukraine to distribute “Putin Huylo.” The NSFW name of the beer loosely translates to “Putin is a d***head,” it should be ready for distribution sometime in April, according to a post on the brewery’s Facebook.

The staff of Pravda Brewery has shared their Victory Beers series recipes with several brewers worldwide to raise funds for aid. It’s described as a dry-hopped golden ale.

According to Pravda’s website:

As peaceful craft brewers, we want to return to the normal life asap and enjoy brewing and drinking. But first we must kick the cockroaches out of our land…. It’s a decisive moment for Ukraine, Europe and democracies of the world.

100% of the money made will be donated to the people at Pravda and organizations who are helping Ukranian refugees. Money is one of the most important things you can donate, as companies are struggling to pay the high cost of shipping.

You can donate directly to Pravda Brewery here.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5's Kylie Moore. Any opinions expressed are Kylie's own. You can follow Kylie on Instagram.

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