Polls have shown them to be New Jersey’s most popular, most beloved fast food. People love them so much they wait in long lines they wouldn’t put up with anyplace else, long lines that have been known to cause traffic problems. I used to not got it. But now living in Flemington and having a Chick-fil-A right there, I’ve been going more frequently for my kids. And I have to say, I’ve become a fan.

The service you get at a Chick-fil-A is almost surreal. I’ve never had bad service. I’ve never had an order screwed up. Insurance company customer service could learn something by studying how Chick-fil-A employees talk to customers. It’s amazing.

So when I heard one is opening in Linden my immediate thought was, great, now when I bring the kids to see my mom I can take them there.

They opened Wednesday at 900 West Edgar Road. That’s 1&9, roughly 1/4 mile west of Stiles Street. It is the 47th Chick-fil-A for the Garden State. And to celebrate the new location they are surprising 100 local heroes in Union County with free meals for an entire year. I’d be surprised in a pandemic if some of those local heroes aren’t medical first responders. Also according to NJ.com they are donating $25,000 to Feed America and that money will stay local.

“I am honored to open Chick-fil-A Linden and look forward to establishing our new restaurant as a second home to all,” said Marlon Terrell who already runs a Woodbridge location and will be in charge of the new one too. “For the past five years, I have witnessed how a Chick-fil-A restaurant can impact a community, something that extends far beyond the walls of our restaurant.”

See? Hard to hate these guys, isn’t it?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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