Well, I did it again. Knowing anything can happen in Jersey, I jumped into the Megamillions with ten chances. We did another lottery wish list. That's where when one or both of us buys tickets we take calls on-air from listeners who would each like a $2 million cut in the crazy chance we win the big jackpot.

Jeff Deminski photo

So to keep me honest, here's the ticket for the Tuesday 6/4/2019 drawing. Good luck to all of us!

Some of my favorite wishes from listeners included Christina's, who would buy a shore villa and a monkey. The monkey is so that when she runs out of the rest of the $2 million she would make money by charging beachgoers to have their picture taken with it. I kid you not!

Then there was Todd whose fun fantasy would be to fly to Scotland and play every golf course there.

Richie may have had the coolest. Charter a small plane and spend six months flying around the country from small airport to small airport, never knowing where you might decide to end up the next day.

Keep your fingers crossed! I'm sure it won't be us but it's fun to dream!

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