WANAQUE — Here's a tip: Keep your Krazy Glue far, far away from your Visine.

When a woman called police to report she had gotten glue on her eye, officers responding were unsure of what to do at first.

According to Wanaque Police Capt. Kenneth Fackina, the incident happened on Wednesday morning. Fackina said the 27-year-old Verona resident meant to put drops in her eyes, but instead grabbed Krazy Glue and had put one drop on her eye before realizing the mistake.

Fackina said the eye was not glued shut and that the woman was able to pull her contact lens out before before flushing out her eye. An ambulance was called, but Fackina said the woman refused further medical attention. He said her father came to pick her up and believed he was taking her to have her eye checked.

Bruce Ruck, managing director of the New Jersey Poison Information & Education Center, said his facility gets reports like this "several times a year."

"We do warn people to be careful," he said. "Sometimes people will glue their eyelashes together."

Ruck said when people call they are able to provide some guidance, but that in emergency situations or when the person is in pain they suggest they go to the hospital or to their eye doctor.

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