MOUNT OLIVE — With the start of the school year just a few weeks away, JJ Drescher and his friends are making sure they don't let any of their vacation time go to waste as they record their summer antics to post on their YouTube channel.

Their most recent post on the channel they call LessThanNorm, the teens show the work of a few days planning to build a 100-foot slip and slide. Drescher, 17, said they gave the channel its name because they are "less than normal."

"We started it just to try and make somebody's day," he said. "If they're having a bad day maybe they can watch our video and do more."

Drescher said the building of the slide took a few days of planning and work to find just the right equipment. He said that included replacing a tarp they had originally planned to use because they realized in initial runs it was just too painful to slide on. From there they went to the 100-foot painter's plastic.

"We tried that out and it ended up working," he said.

For the lubricant, Drescher said it was just dish soap that helped propel them down the hill. He said the teens also made sure that the day before they filmed the final stunt they checked the area for potentially painful rocks in the area and also figured out what they would do if something went wrong.

And while the ingenuity of the teens is impressive, their work still puts them well behind the Guinness World Record for longest slip-and-slide of just over 2,000 feet, which was set in 2015 in Jordan.

As for what's next for this "Less Than Normal" group, Drescher isn't saying.

"It's a surprise."

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