FARMINGDALE — The NFL is on a permanent time out at a Monmouth County tavern.

A week after turning off their 20 screens in honor of Veterans Day, Woody's Roadside Tavern says it will keep them off until NFL players start standing instead of taking a knee during the national anthem before games.

"We are going NFL-free until at least we get 100 percent standing for the national anthem. I think we're also going the confer with the veterans groups to see where they stand. We don't want it to seem like (last Sunday) was one-hit-done," co-owner Rob Johnson said Friday.

Some professional athletes have been taking a knee during the national anthem, describing it as a respectful demonstration to raise awareness about mistreatment of blacks by law enforcement. But others, including veterans groups and President Donald Trump, say the time and manner of the demonstration disrespects the country.

Woody's brought in two bands in place of the pigskin and will continue to bring in live entertainment on Sundays. They will continue donating to veterans groups.

Johnson admitted he is scrambling to put together this Sunday's lineup and will likely put the NASCAR championship on in honor of New Jersey racer Martin Truex Jr.

The tavern on Sunday will also make a presentation of $8,000, which it raised last week, to Special Forces 19, the Green Beret Foundation and Task Force Dagger.

Johnson said they're not worried about losing NFL diehards who need their Sunday fix, including Philadelphia Eagles fans whose team is having their best season in years.

"They understand the it's a bigger picture," Johnson said, and said they're still able to watch the games at a friends house or with the NFL package.

Do you support Woody’s one-day ban on NFL games? Contact reporter Dan Alexander at or via Twitter @DanAlexanderNJ.



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