I say often that there is no such thing as a routine traffic stop. Cops pulling a car over for a traffic violation can be calm with a driver complying and driving off with a ticket, or can turn violent as we have seen so many times on our roadways.

Sometimes, the officers — in this case, New Jersey state troopers — stop future crimes from being committed.

In a case a couple of weeks ago, Troopers Russell Heitzman and Mateusz Ryba pulled over a car in Cumberland County and discovered that the driver had cocaine, scales and other drug distribution materials. The man was promptly arrested and is facing charges.

Thanks to the training and the professionalism of these state troopers, more dangerous narcotics have been taken off the streets and another potential threat to our kids has to have a day in court.

Thank you to all the troopers currently patrolling the roadways of New Jersey this morning. We know you're doing your best to protect the rest of us.


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