“Negative behaviors such as theft, vandalism, and assault will not be tolerated in our schools and is placing undue stress on our students and school staff who work diligently to ensure our buildings are clean and safe.”

Should this even need to be pointed out? Sadly, it did.

Those are the words of John Bilodeau, Gloucester Township schools superintendent. This was part of a letter he had to write to families in his district about a ridiculous and troubling dare put out on TikTok called “Devious Licks.”

Each month of this school year, the challenge changes. For the first month of school, it was to vandalize and steal from school bathrooms. October’s is particularly alarming.

“Smack a staff member.”

The rest of the year?

  • November: Kiss your friend’s girlfriend at school
  • December: “Deck the halls and show your b****” (show your anatomy)
  • January: Jab a breast
  • February: Mess up school signs
  • March: Make a mess in the courtyard or cafeteria
  • April: “Grab some eggz” (a stealing dare)
  • May: Ditch day
  • June: Flip off someone in the main office

Bilodeau isn’t alone. Administrators across New Jersey and across the country are sending parents similar warnings.

Social media just might be the downfall of us. The land of perverts, liars, self-aggrandizing conspiracy theorists, trolls and now, of course, a little homegrown anarchy to test just how pathetic desperate followers want to become.

Any kid who smacks a staff member needs to be brought up on charges and locked up in the juvi system until 21. Any kid who jabs someone’s breast or exposes themselves needs to be their cellmate. Pathetic doesn’t begin to cover just how mindless this is.

And it’s far from the first time the internet brought out the idiocy in America. Here’s a brief look back at some of the more ignorant ‘challenges’ in internet history.

Dumb and Dangerous Internet Challenges

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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