TRENTON — Another bitterly cold night means another frigid wait for the bus or walk to school on Friday morning and the delay of the start of classes for some schools.

The only bright spot on Thursday night, according to Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, is less wind. "That will make a little difference. It won't be quite as painful or brutal overnight. Low temperatures will still sink into the single digits for most of the Garden State, with a wind chill holding steady near 0."

"This is near-record cold, a full 20+ degrees below normal for late January. The combination of arctic cold and a fierce wind will pose a significant hazard to human health, if you don't protect yourself," New Jersey 101.5 Meteorologist Dan Zarrow said.

Friday will see a bit of snow for New Jersey south of Route 195 as a small storm will leave an inch or two in the afternoon.

Zarrow said the cold air is going to be very dry, limiting how much precipitation can form. However, it doesn't take much moisture to produce healthy snowfall, and the cold/dry conditions would lead to fluffy snow accumulations.

"I believe we could see an inch or two of snow in the southern half of the state, with the potential for a coating as far north as Interstate 78," Zarrow said.

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