Taxpayers in select New Jersey towns will be asked on Tuesday whether they're OK with their local school districts borrowing millions of dollars for renovations and additions.

As part of a special school election on Dec. 12, six boards of education have construction borrowing questions on the ballot for voters, according to the New Jersey School Boards Association.

In total, the ballot questions ask about borrowing more than $257 million for school construction projects. The rest of the funding for the projects would come from the state.

According to NJSBA, 85% of school construction proposals were approved by voters in 2022. The success rate was 82% in 2021.

Bergen County

River Dell Regional High School (Google Maps)
River Dell Regional High School (Google Maps)

River Edge and Oradell

⚫ Upgrades to River Dell Regional Middle School and River Dell Regional High School, including acquisition and installation of fixtures, furniture, and more

⚫ Total bonding amount: $18,691,750

Morris County

Madison High School (Google Maps)
Madison High School (Google Maps)

Madison Borough

⚫ Various improvements at Central Avenue Elementary School, Kings Road Elementary School, Torey J. Sabatini Elementary School, Madison Junior School, and Madison High School

⚫ Total bonding amount: $79,357,685 (across three bond proposals)


⚫ Various improvements, including classroom construction, at Cedar Hill Elementary School, Valley View Elementary School, Hilldale Elementary School, William Mason Elementary School, and Woodmont Elementary School

⚫ Construct a security vestibule at Montville High School, Valley View Elementary School, William Mason Elementary School, and Woodmont Elementary School

⚫ Total bonding amount: $69,982,603 (across two bond proposals)

Mount Olive Township

⚫ HVAC improvements at Chester M. Stephens Elementary School, Mountain View Elementary School, Sandshore Elementary School, Tinc Road Elementary School, Mount Olive Middle School, and Mount Olive High School

⚫ Remove and replace the roof at numerous schools

⚫ Demolition and construction of a new transportation maintenance building and transportation office facility at Mount Olive High School

⚫ Total bonding amount: $61,775,289 (across two bond proposals)

Ocean County

Antrim Elementary School (Google Maps)
Antrim Elementary School (Google Maps)

Point Pleasant Beach

⚫ Remove the existing Board of Education Building at Antrim Elementary School, to construct an occupational therapy and physical therapy room, child study team rooms, and administration offices, and construct a new field house containing athletic facilities and locker rooms

.⚫ Upgrades at Antrim Elementary School, including site drainage improvements, construction of an ADA-compliant playground, new bleachers, and a fire alarm system

⚫ Locker room upgrade at Antrim Elementary School

⚫ Construct classroom alterations and physical education space at Point Pleasant Beach High School

⚫ Various system upgrades at Point Pleasant Beach High School, including flooring and locker upgrades, and boiler replacement

⚫ Total bonding amount: $21,939,845

Passaic County

Lakeside Middle School (Google Maps)
Lakeside Middle School (Google Maps)

Pompton Lakes Borough

⚫ Various safety and security renovations at Pompton Lakes High School, Lakeside Middle School, Lincoln Elementary School, and Lenox Elementary School

⚫ Total bonding amount: $5,713,890

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