It’s not the first message. It’s probably not the last.

Suki considers herself a performance artist, and her latest work is in a privately owned soybean field near Trump’s golf course in Bedminster. She says the field is perfect for conveying messages to President Trump as his helicopter flies right over it to get to the golf course.


That’s her latest message carved out in the field. The 72-year-old (yes, 72) did it entirely by herself with only a few tools. Is she referring to the treatment of children at the border? That was my guess. I was wrong.

It’s a message about global warming.

“We need to listen to these young voices speaking out asking us to take action," she said told “I’m 72 years old, this is not going to affect me. This is going to affect our children.”

In March she had a different message in the field.


Yes, that was about climate change too. I don’t know if Trump has ever seen these but I know it’s not going to make him change policy through some enlightened epiphany. It might however give him a good anecdote for the 19th hole.

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