A group of Democratic legislators is proposing to spend $350 million on improving childcare. It's not their job to improve childcare. It's the personal responsibility of the people who had the child.

If someone dies or runs off, then community groups or charities can help. We have to ween people off of depending on government for life choices they made. But this is what many New Jersey politicians, especially Democrats do. They get people hooked on government goodies and they become addicted to them like drug addicts.

We have an entire generation of entitled morons who thinks it's Government's job to take care of their personal issues. IT'S NOT!

Where is anyone's sense of personal responsibility and dignity? It's almost gone, stolen by politicians who want to increase their power and the dependency of their electorate. What about us folks who sacrificed and had one parent who stayed home with the children? Don't tell me it's not possible today.

Where there's a will there's a way. I did it and my son and his wife are doing it.

Maybe you can't have two cars or take expensive vacations or eat out every night. Making those sacrifices is what having a family is all about and it teaches the kids that you can't always have everything you want or need.

We've talked to people who've come here in recent years from Eastern Europe, or Cuba, or Venezuela and they can't believe how we're throwing away our freedoms and responsibilities for a bigger government that promises everything and then collapses.

If you have kids, it's your responsibility to feed, clothe and supervise them and if you need help, you pay for it, not everyone else.

It all starts with paying people to have babies out of wedlock. In the last 50 years of doing this, it's wreaked havoc on society and the nuclear family. This state is collapsing under the weight of all on the programs and handouts given by out insane, civically illiterate politicians.

These legislators, all of them female and all of them Democrats, think they're doing a noble thing by providing $350 million dollars for childcare.

They are instead robbing people of their dignity, pride, and self-worth by making them dependent on the state. The taxes it takes to fund all of their "good works" are driving more and more responsible people out of the state for good. If they wanted to minister to the poor, they should have become nuns or missionaries. At least they'd have our support and respect.

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