No doubt the topic has come up in your circle. Maybe you're tired of the dictatorial politicians controlling your life. Perhaps it's the insane rate of property taxes. Maybe you look around and see the people that worked in New Jersey government retiring ten, 15 or 20 years before you can. Even those folks have fled or are making plans to.

By a very large margin, New Jersey leads all other states in the percentage of people looking to get out. A whopping 42% of people are planning to leave the state and another 18% are considering it.

The next state on the list, New York, doesn't even come close. Something's got to give and soon or they'll be nobody left to pay the hefty bill of a bloated state government. Many people see the writing on the wall, especially after the last election which put a clear, bona fide dictator back in office.

For those of us who love this state and all it has to offer, it's all we know, and we hate to leave it. Our family ties are here and it's too hard to leave. Now, with so many people sending their kids away to college, who find greener pastures where they went to school, it's becoming easier for some to make the leap.

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We've talked to lots of people over the years on our show, when the topic of leaving the state comes up, who tried it and moved back. Whether it's the food, the people, the convenience or their families, many come back.

I think with so many of our young people not returning after college, more and more families are saying, "Screw it, I'll go too."

Know this: The people of this state and all of its natural advantages are great. It's the people we've elected that have soiled our nest. Many can't take the stench and are leaving the nest in droves.

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