If the chatter in, well, the Lacey Township Chatter community group is to be believed, two students at Lacey Township High School are receiving crazy overblown punishments for staging a photo at a shooting range.

Several residents there are posting that they've heard two students were placed on five days detention for posting pictures on social media of firearms with the caption "fun day at the range." At least one post includes a screenshot that appears to be from a student saying he and a friend were punished — even removed from classes where they'd paid for AP tests.

School officials told New Jersey 101.5's news staff they can't talk about student matters, but said only the info shared on social media wasn't accurate. Only they wouldn't say how — so the only version of the story we have is the one that appears to be from the kids themselves.

"The picture reported had completely legal weapons in a privately owned shooting range," the screenshot that appears to be from a student reads. "Everything done was completely legal. They said they did us a favor by not suspending us, and no matter how many points I personally made, they would not change or even reconsider punishment. "

The screenshot goes on to say school officials told the students were for "disrupting the school climate."

It’s possible that the timing for a picture like this is bad, and maybe even in poor taste. But come on!

All of this for a few photographs depicting a completely legal activity but that some people may have been offended by.

Let me reiterate that the picture showed US citizens using legal weapons in a privately owned shooting range. But apparently, at least from what I can glean from the story, even a PHOTOGRAPH of a person holding a gun is considered repugnant and should be treated similarly to photographs of child pornography.

Slippery slope, you think?

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