If the governor has his way, in just a few short years you won't be able to buy a gas-powered car in New Jersey, nor will you be able to register a gas car in NJ.

That's right, the same governor who locked down NJ longer than any other state, imposed mandates that led to deaths of thousands, marched with radical BLM activists breaking his own lockdown rules that led to arrests and fines for average citizens, now wants to eliminate your ability to choose the car you will drive.

When does the government overreach in New Jersey end?

There's of course also a very practical side to this potential debacle, that it's not feasible and the government is not being truthful with the citizens of the Garden State.

The advanced Clean Cars II rule is what will lead to the ban on gas cars. It's modeled exactly after the California rule and begins implementation in 2027.

Photo via Canva
Photo via Canva

Again, another bureaucratic, egregious assault on New Jerseyans that this governor will stick on the next governor.

Ray Cantor with NJBIA pointed out some very practical and reasonable objections to the new rule.

First of all, the benchmark of 43% of all car sales in 2027 is simply out of bounds. As we head through 2023, EV cars account for only 8% of sales.

The government says that consumers will have a choice and can buy from other states, but if you can't register the gas car in NJ, it won't matter right?

Aside from their lie, how is it OK for a New Jersey governor to tell consumers to buy from businesses out of state?

So...the rule will cause irreparable harm to NJ businesses:

That harm will lead to a drop in tax revenue.

The power grid cannot support a massive, short-term spike in EVs.

Most working, and middle-class working families can't afford one EV let alone two to meet family transportation needs

The so-called green initiative doesn't address the reliance on slave labor in Africa and China that produces the materials for the batteries

The ban doesn't address the very real concern from fire departments who know firsthand that a normal gas car fire can be extinguished with around 300 gallons of water.

The EV battery fires require chemicals and an estimated 30,000 to 50,000 gallons of water.

This is bad for business, bad for commuters and bad for families.

We need to do the reverse in New Jersey, and maybe with a new governor taking the oath in January 2026, we will. There should be a fire department surcharge and a grid energy surcharge put on the purchase of ALL EVs registered in the Garden State.

Since sales are relatively low, but the risk to our communities and grid is high even at 8% sales, I propose $1,000 for each EV registration, renewable every three years.

That money will be earmarked for the local fire departments and used as a rate credit for power customers.

Weird things NJ taxes - and some they don't

In general, New Jersey assesses a 6.625% Sales Tax on sales of most tangible personal property, specified digital products, and certain services unless specifically exempt under New Jersey law.
However, the way the sales tax is applied in New Jersey sometimes just doesn't make sense.
New Jersey puts out an itemized list for retailers that spells out what is, and what is not, taxed. 
Perhaps because this is New Jersey, there are some bizarre and seemingly contradictory listings. 

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