The tour continues in earnest across New Jersey spreading the common sense message and shine a light on New Jersey's small business community. Another great find this week!

Prime 259 in River Edge is an outstanding restaurant & Bar with great food, service and space. From the front entrance and the wrap-around bar to the awesome outside space, owner Bobby Collana has done an amazing job.

Prime 259 (Photo via
Prime 259 (Photo via

Of course, I couldn't help but mention the failed attempt to defeat Murphy in 2021, despite a perfect climate for a win, resulting in another four years of crushing regulation and taxes.

Not that the GOP candidate, with his support of lockdowns, distance masks and failure to fight vaccine mandates effectively, would have been much better, but it's a tale of two states.

In Virginia, the GOP candidate won by more than 60,000 votes with nearly 6 in 10 voters turning out. In New Jersey, Murphy won big by Jersey standards with a margin of more than 80,000 votes.

The difference?

In NJ only about 4 in 10 voters turned out. The energy from the opposition Republicans was lacking.

With no clear message and a fear of upsetting the media, the GOP ran scared and failed to motivate a population that wanted change and a restoration of common sense and practical government.

When I visit restaurants like Prime 259 and speak to owners and staff members, it's clear to me that there is a hunger for something different in our state. There's a desire to move away from partisan rhetoric and professional politicians.

People want to live their lives, run their businesses and raise their families with minimal government interference.

With every business I visit, I can tell you, change is coming.

An amazing NJ restaurant in a historic building

If you've never been to Lambertville, you're really missing out on a true gem of a town in New Jersey.

And if you've never been to Lambertville Station you're missing out on a really great restaurant in a truly historic building.

It's housed in the building that acted as the Lambertville train station dating back to 1867.

The building and the town went through its tough times, but for the last 40 years, Lambertville Station has been serving diners in a casual upscale atmosphere with excellent food.

Last year a prominent restaurant group called Genesis Hospitality took over the historic dining spot and they've continued the excellence that has made this place a must-go-to spot anytime you're in town.

The menu consists of varied contemporary American favorites with plenty of options.

The food and the service are excellent and are a good fit for couples, families, and special occasions.

There is a first-class Inn on the property on the river across the parking lot if you want to stay over.

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