Our state is making national and perhaps international news over the state's ridiculously embarrassing policy on not notifying parents that their child is "transitioning."

Three school districts have defied Madman Murphy's policy of keeping important information from parents about their child's behavior at school.

Kids can't even get a Tylenol from the school nurse without permission or notification, but they "identify" as a different gender at school, there's a policy of secrecy from the parents?!

This is total lunacy. No one in their right mind would implement such a policy and then sue individual school districts for OBVIOUSLY DOING THE RIGHT THING!

Several media outlets have mischaracterized the story as "outing" students to their parents.

Other media outlets won't cover it for fear of "outing" their preferred party, the Democrats, as depraved lunatics for backing such a policy.

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Check out this CBS headline, "Judge to make decision on Monmouth County school districts' controversial transgender policy" 

The school district's policy is controversial for notifying parents that their young child is identifying as the opposite sex at school?!

Both the state of New Jersey and lawyers for the school districts made their case Tuesday in court in Freehold.

If the judge rules in favor of the state, then what rights do parents have with their own children?

This is why public school has become a total mess in our state. Not all of it and certainly not all teachers and administrators.

But the state's policies are ruining public education in New Jersey, and it's all in pursuit of higher power for Murphy and his Attorney General.

It's why many parents are choosing parochial schools or home-schooling their kids.

Whether you have kids or not and no matter where you stand on the issue of transgenderism, this has to make no sense to rational, fair-minded people.

Unfortunately, when it comes to New Jersey politicians rational and fair-minded are foreign concepts.

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