Tiger Woods, Rory Mcllroy and other top golfers from around the world begin the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup playoffs on Thursday morning, right here in the Garden State.

The Northern Trust Tournament is being held at Liberty National Golf Club in Jersey City.

Julie Tyson, executive director of the Northern Trust, said having the PGA playoffs start here is beneficial for Garden State.

“One is the global exposure that’s bestowed upon this area. We will distribute this telecast to over 220 countries. It’s over 100 million households," she said.

Another big benefit for the state is the economic impact from drawing players, fans and tour staff.

"They will all be positioned comfortably here in New Jersey with all of its glory," she said.

Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City.
(Photo by Chris Condon/PGA TOUR)

Tyson also pointed out the event will raise close to $2 million for charity.

“All of the proceeds that we generate will stay in the local community and continue to work long after this tournament ends.”

One organization that benefits is the First Tee, which teaches the core principles of golf to children who might not otherwise have access to play the game.

“It’s not about learning to play golf it’s about the core values of persistence and integrity and determination and all the great values we want kids to walk away from the game with," she said.

The 18th hole at Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City. (Photo by Chris Condon/PGA TOUR)

Maria Nieves, the president of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce, said the charitable work by the PGA is significant.

“They’re actually trying to get to know the community, meet the community where they are with their needs and giving back to the community at the same time they’re putting on this amazing event," Nieves said.

She pointed out it’s always exciting to have a global event of this caliber on this side of the Hudson River.

“It really signifies that we have the type of venues here that will bring these world class golfers and players and their fans to come and visit us, and that we have a lot to offer.”

She noted the PGA Tour estimates the event will generate in the neighborhood of $2 billion in economic activity, which showcases businesses and allows the state to put its best foot forward to let the world know we’re a great place to come and visit.

“That type of exposure is almost something you can’t put a price on," she said.

Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City.
(Photo by Chris Condon/PGA TOUR)

Tyson said active members of the military and their families have free access to the tournament and a special ceremony will be held to honor Purple Heart veterans.

The player with the most FedEx points after the Tour Championship in Atlanta will win the FedEx Cup and a $15 million bonus. The runner-up gets $5 million.

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