New Jersey is the 11th most financially savvy state in the country, according to a new survey by the personal financial website Wallethub.

Analyst Jill Gonzalez said Wallethub looked at 25 metrics that represent financial savvy or the lack thereof, depending on where you live. Those include median credit score, annual savings account averages and credit card debt as a share of residents' income.

Gonzalez said New Jersey did particularly well when it comes to its debt and spending. It was also in the top five when it comes to how much its residents save.

"New Jersey has a very high percentage of the population that has those emergency funds, rainy day funds," Gonzalez said. "That already,is ahead of many other states who don't necessarily prepare for a financial emergency."

Also, most adults in New Jersey have college savings for their kids. Gonzalez said this makes sense, because education tends to be very important across the state.

Most New Jerseyans also have budgets and a high savings account average. Gonzalez pointed out that typically, residents have at least $10,000 put away in savings.

But with all the positives, New Jersey could still do better. Gonzalez said to crack the top 10, New Jersey needs to be better overall at its credit. She said people are saving and don't have much debt — but the delinquency rate is slowly creeping up.

She said this is something we need to be concerned about because in New Jersey, taxes are not our friend, and houses are not cheap.

Unfortunately, Wallethub discovered that New Jersey has the highest foreclosure rate in the nation.

"Because I think homes are more expensive, because mortgages are therefore easier to fall underwater in, we are seeing the foreclosure rate over the past couple of years has crept up as well," Gonzalez said.

Massachusetts is the most financially savvy state in the country, having the lowest share of adults spending more than they earn, according to Wallethub. New Hampshire is the second most financially savvy state followed by North Dakota, Minnesota and Connecticut.

On the flip side, Mississippi is the least financially savvy state followed by Arkansas, West Virginia, New Mexico and Oklahoma, according to Wallethub,

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