🔷Police hailed as heroes for rescue

🔷Aggressive dog attacked pet sitter, child

🔷 Officers heard screams, saved woman and child

HACKENSACK — A pair of police officers have been cheered for saving a woman who was mauled by an aggressive dog, while the victim worked to protect a small child, according to police.

On Wednesday around 10:20 a.m., the woman was dog-sitting an American pitbull terrier, when it began to attack, Hackensack Police Capt. Michael Antista said.

Hackensack Police officers cheered for saving woman in dog attack
Hackensack Police Officers Denisse Caero (left) and Ryan Conlon

Officers Ryan Conlon and Denisse Caero quickly responded to screams for help on Hudson Street, and first secured the child, who “was known to the woman.”

Bergen County

They then contained the aggressive dog and gave first-aid treatment to the injured woman, preventing further harm.

In addition to the Hackensack Police Emergency Services Unit, city firefighters and the Bergen County Animal Control Shelter also responded to the scene.

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