During a night of partying in West Virginia last month, Gloucester County's Kenny Bachman thought a $200 bar tab would be the most expensive part of his night.

But he got stuck with a $1,600 Uber bill when he punched in his home address and passed out — so now he hopes a GoFundMe fundraiser will help defray some of the costs for the six-hour ride.

During a call into the Bill Spadea show last week, Bachman said he had been at a West Virginia bar that was four blocks from his friend's house. He was planning to go back to that friend's hosue after a wild night, so Bachman said he was confused when he woke up just as the Uber crossed the border into New Jersey.

"I was just shocked," he told Spadea. "I had no idea who the dude was next to me."

On Wednesday, Bachman told New Jersey 101.5 that he started the GoFundMe at the encouragement of his friends.

"A bunch of my buddies just told me to do it," he said. They felt as if I shouldn't have paid, but other people feel as if I should. I just put the GoFundMe out there so I could maybe make a couple bucks back so I didn't have to pay a crazy amount for the Uber."

Admitting it was a "stupid thing," Bachman said he never expected the trip to make headlines around the world. Now he said he "just had to own up to it," and is "just kind of living with it."

Bachman said he hasn't taken an Uber since the incident last month and isn't sure if he will again.

"I've got like a little personal grudge with Uber," he said. "I may never Uber again."

In four days the fundraising effort has raised just $50 on one donation. Bachman said he just wanted to see what would happen and knows his time in the spotlight is probably limited.

"It'll blow over in probably like a week or two," he said.

In the meantime, he said, the whole thing has been educational and a valuable learning experience for the future.

Uber, reached by New Jersey 101.5, said it had been in contact with Bachman. The service said as its driver took Bachman to the destination he requested, he has agreed to pay his charge.

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