You may have heard about the story of a NJ college student attending school in West Virginia who got drunk and ended up with a $1600 Uber charge. Talking to Kenny Bachman on the show Friday, I gotta hand it to him, he owned up to his behavior. Seems that most young people today have everyone to blame but themselves.

Not Kenny.

He told the story of getting 'blackout' drunk and waking up in an Uber in hour five of a six hour journey that took him from West Virginia to his home in Jersey. He did fight Uber but they made him pay anyway. There have to be a few life lessons in this story but my takeaway is this guy "Manned-Up" and took responsibility for his actions. Although I did have some issue with my conversation with him the day before on Chasing News where he described the "Old Guy Uber Driver". The guy was 38.


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