It's classic New Jersey government overreach.

If you’re Jewish, Christian or Muslim, your faith doesn’t matter to government officials. From the LGBTQ forced curriculum in our schools to the elimination of the religious exemptions for vaccines, legislators and the governor are on the offensive.

If you are a person of faith who is uncomfortable with the forced LGBTQ curriculum in school, you have no right to opt your kids out. If you’re a teacher who has a faith-based issue with the curriculum, you have no option. It’s all a part of a very biased political agenda pushed by Murphy as he curries favor with the national Democrats who have moved very far from the traditional center that made the party a voice for working- and middle-class families. Friday morning, I spoke to a committeeman and former mayor of Barnegat, who was one of the voices of opposition.

Alfonso Cirulli and I didn’t see eye-to-eye on his characterization of gay people — he said it's "an alternate lifestyle, it's an unhealthy lifestyle, it's not a natural lifestyle." As I told him, I think that's a matter of opinion — one that's between you and your God, you and your faith leader, you and your family.

But he did make a good point about the removal of parental consent. You can opt your kid out of health class but not LGBTQ studies?

Seems to me that government is favoring only one side of the discussion – and forcing you to accept it. It's similar to the vaccination bill. This is not an issue about whether vaccines are effective and a smarter choice for parents. It’s about the government eliminating the option of working out a vax schedule with your pediatrician. It’s about pushing the fear that vaccinated kids are suddenly all at risk – even though with the number of current religious exemptions that has not been the case. Other than a few isolated measles outbreaks in communities where a large percentage of people refuse to vaccinate their kids, the health risks are clearly rare.

The state senate will take up the issue on Monday and likely pass the bill … unless you act. Call your state senator and tell them to vote no on Monday. Looking forward to seeing thousands more parents rally on Monday in Trenton to make your voice of reason and common sense heard.

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