We've been fighting hard for more than a year and a half to protect the rights of New Jerseyans who have been targeted by government policy.

Whether it's the right to decide for yourself to wear a medical device, i.e., a mask, or the right to earn a living and refuse a vaccine that you do not want to take, several New Jersey attorneys have stepped up to help.

We were joined on our show by two New Jersey attorneys who have been at the forefront of the battle. Dana Wefer and John Coyle.

Dana updated us on three cases that are working their way through the court system. You can listen to the clip on my On Demand show here:

Decisions will have a huge impact on employees who have been terminated over mandates and students who have been segregated on campus. Although this process will include some losses and take many months, according to the legal team we've been working with, the law has been broken, people's rights have been violated and "following the law" will not be an acceptable excuse when plaintiffs seek damages from institutions and people who discriminated against them.

Here's a brief synopsis from Dana's update email:

Smith v. Biden: "This is the case challenging the federal employee mandate and contractor mandate. This case is fully briefed before the Third Circuit. We are waiting to hear from the Court. I expect that the OSHA case being decided may spur some action here."

TCNJ v. Messina: "This case challenges TCNJ's 'vaccine' mandate and precedent set in this case will apply to all local and state mandates. This case is fully briefed before the District Court. I expect we will lose and be up in the Third Circuit by February."

Gottshall-Wright v. Murphy: "This case challenges Gov. Murphy and the judiciary's testing mandate. The government received an extension in their time to answer from the Court (over my objection) and their answer is due Jan. 18. They are seeking another extension (over my objection) to the 28th. Regardless of whether they get it, the government's motion to dismiss will be in this month and our response will be in early next month. It will be fully briefed by mid-February."

Dana is taking these cases pro-bono and needs to raise funds to continue to add clients and keep the fight. Click here for the link mentioned in the interview.

Supreme Court decisions

John Coyle provided an update on what the Supreme Court's decisions on mandates means to workers and health care professionals as the rulings were split.

Take a listen to this clip on my On Demand show:

The company mandate has been struck down while the health care provider mandate has been upheld.

Battle of life and death

John is also a champion of families in the Garden State fighting hospitals to have families and patients control the health care decisions that are matters of life and death.

He shared a heartbreaking story of a father and husband fighting for his life in a New Jersey hospital as the hospital, over his wife's objections, prepares to disconnect a machine keeping him alive. This is the culmination of a health care battle that pitted the patient and his wife — both frontline, essential pharmacists — against a hospital that denied them a certain treatment, according to their attorney. This dad's life literally hangs in the balance on decisions made today and tomorrow.

Please join me in praying for John and Mirla Jukic and their three kids. Please also pray for John's continued strength as he takes on enormous bureaucrats to fight for the average New Jersey family.

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