The panic-peddlers never give up. As COVID fades from the minds of people, except for the desperate measure of mask mandates to continue the push for a largely unnecessary vaccine, the "profiteers of panic" need something else.

Touting a Rutgers study that predicts a 5-foot rise in sea level by 2100, the bureaucrats and radicals are ready to announce new regulations which could lead to half of New Jersey declared a flood zone.

"Fear porn" is a virus of thought that feeds on people's irrational fears. The more you allow the so-called "experts" to scare you, the stronger and more bold the predictions become, moving back to "climate crisis" as COVID fades.

Don't let them scare you. The Rutgers so-called study is a joke. No, we're not gonna see 5 feet of sea level rise by 2100. Good grief. Actually if you look at the date from tidal stations, there is no acceleration in sea level rise.

One of the most common arguments climate alarmists make is that rate of sea-level rise is “accelerating” or rising faster every year.

Sea-level data reported from satellites indicate seas are rising approximately of 3.3 mm/year (See Figure 1). By contrast, tidal stations have recorded a rise of approximately 1 to 2 mm annually, a rate which is little changed over the century or so for which we have adequate records. Indeed, as reported in Climate at a Glance: Sea Level Rise,  the oldest tide gauge in the USA, in New York City, shows no acceleration at all going back to 1850.

Why the large difference?

The answer turns is simple. When NASA and NOAA launched new satellites, the data they produced wasn’t the same as the data recorded by earlier satellites. - Anthony Watts at 

Actual sea level rise in this century has been about 3.4 millimeters PER YEAR. The funny thing about the fear-porn industry is that they use projections and models to make dramatic claims that what you're actually seeing isn't reality and you should act on what they think might happen.

Lost in the shuffle of fantastical projections is the fact that even with sea level rise, millions live on the water, actually technically UNDER water, and are doing well. Scientist Bjorn Lomborg is a well known skeptic when it comes to the policies that result from fear mongering. Humans stopping climate change is absurd. Humans adapting to change is what we've been doing for thousands of years.

The pull-quote:

Alarming media stories that twist the facts about rising sea levels are dangerous because they scare people unnecessarily and push policymakers toward excessively expensive measures to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. The real solution is to lift the world’s poorest out of poverty and protect them with simple infrastructure. - Bjorn Lomborg on

So, another myth busted. But the panic-peddlers won't stop. How about the frequency and deadly nature of storms? Turns out storms aren't actually more frequent nor deadly. Remember that the fear-mongers and panic peddlers try to convince people that storms are more frequent and deadly and as a result you should pay higher taxes and stop driving the SUV.

Here's the pull quote from the scientists reporting from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration:

We are unaware of a climate change signal that would result in an increase of only the shortest duration storms, while such an increase is qualitatively consistent with what one would expect from improvements with observational practices. - Gabriel A. Vecchi and Thomas R. Knutson

And deaths from climate related events have declined 95% over the past one hundred years.

Even when we read stories from the world’s top media outlets, we need to maintain perspective. Deaths from climate-related causes (floods, hurricanes, droughts, wildfire, and extreme temperatures) have declined by 95% over the past hundred years. Furthermore, despite the constant barrage of claims that the global climate crisis is spiraling out of control, the cost of extreme weather as a proportion of GDP has been declining since 1990. - Bjorn Lomborg on

The panickers have been relentlessly lying for years. Remember the nonsense about the disappearing polar bears? Total lie. Polar bears are actually growing in population and healthier than ever.

The point is that in order to keep you scared and dependent, the radicals and bureaucrats will say anything. When will we have a government in New Jersey strong and smart enough to push back and actually stand up for the middle and working class families who are wrecked every time government acts on another nonsense panic prediction?

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Spadea. Any opinions expressed are Bill's own. Bill Spadea is on the air weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m., talkin’ Jersey, taking your calls at 1-800-283-1015.

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