New Jersey. Where 95 is the new 65. Where the Jersey slide maneuver was invented. Yet New Jersey drivers were ranked 4th best in America in an analysis by an on-line insurance comparison website. Tied for fourth best with Ohio drivers, this ranking was based on fatality statistics from 2016 National Traffic Highway Safety Administration reports. More specifically, the numbers crunched were based on traffic fatalities but also on how dutifully drivers obeyed traffic laws that contributed to those accidents.

We have a poll below asking if you believe New Jersey drivers are among the best in the country. If I were a betting man I would say the results will show 80% or more won't buy it. We've seen too much. Morons thinking nothing of backing up half a mile on a highway after missing their exit. Fools treating red lights like mere suggestions. Idiots who won't do the speed limit in the left lane and refuse to move out of it. Imbeciles texting while shaving, smoking, eating a White Castle and doing their taxes all at the same time. Okay perhaps that last one was an exaggeration. Perhaps not.

Who is among those can't believe Jersey drivers are among the best? Steve Carellas of the NJ chapter of the National Motorists Association. "This is just another self-serving release of rehashed standardized government traffic fatality data to bring attention to this organization's insurance business. This is of no real benefit to the traffic safety research community, while potentially being misleading to the public."

So there you go. And what he says makes sense. I'm suspicious of this the same as I'm suspicious of a study that comes out saying men should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring then you find out the study is done by a jewelry website.

But you're the road warrior. You're out there everyday, in the trenches. So you tell us. Do you believe New Jersey drivers are among the best in the nation? Answer our poll below.

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