When it comes to fast food, Chick-Fil-A seems to be the cream of the crop. They have the best customer service and arguably the best-tasting meals of any fast-food chain.

Scrapehero.com did a report on the top 10 states with the most Chick-Fil-A's and shockingly New Jersey didn't make the list.

It feels like you're never far from one in the Garden State. So how could we not be on this list? Well, according to an article on nj.com Chick-Fil-A owns more than 60 locations throughout New Jersey. They just opened their ninth in Monmouth County.

But we pale in comparison to the rest of the United States.

The top 10 states with the most Chick-Fil-A locations are as follows:

🐔 Alabama (89)

🐔 Tennessee (100)

🐔 South Carolina (102)

🐔 Pennsylvania (102)

🐔 Virginia (140)

🐔 California (172)

🐔 North Carolina (187)

🐔 Florida (239)

🐔 Georgia (255)

🐔 Texas (473)

Texas takes the grand prize with a whopping 223 more restaurants than Georgia. Far more than Jersey too.

It's important to take into account how much smaller NJ is than most of these states on the list, but our dense population made me think there would be a chance that we cracked the list.

Also in the report from scrapehero.com was that two states do not have any Chick-Fil-A locations. Those being Alaska and Vermont. Two states much bigger than New Jersey in size, but not this delicious fast-food chain! I mean, I seriously feel sorry for people who live in Vermont and Alaska. I can't imagine not being able to drive 20 minutes to the nearest Chick-Fil-A.

I guess we should count ourselves lucky that we don't live there.

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