New Jersey's US Senator Cory Booker was at it again this week in the aftermath of the siege on the US Capitol Building in Washington, DC. Feigning sadness, and almost on the brink of tears, his signature move, he expressed his deep sadness for our country after the violence that broke out in DC on Wednesday. My Congressman, Andy Kim, is seen in an AP photo helping to clean up some of the mess in the Capitol building later that day.

Where was Congressman Kim in helping clean up after the riots this summer in Trenton or Asbury Park? Was he around to clean up the mess after left-wing rioters tried to burn down St. John's Church in Washington, DC? Did he travel to any of the dozens of cities that saw violent protests throughout the spring and summer? Of course not. Because those people were on the same side of the party that Booker and Kim represent. Make no mistake, this week's violence at the Capitol was inexcusable, disgusting and heartbreakingly sad. It's also being exploited by the media and the left who want to use it to destroy the legacy of a man they think never should have been President.

Did Cory Booker decry the violence and destruction of any of the dozens of violent protests, riots and tearing down of monuments and statues around the country? They stood silent on the suffering of countless people, their homes and businesses destroyed in senseless violence through much of the summer. Now, when it appears, that the violence was on their turf, on a much smaller scale, do they express their care, concern and outrage. Why are they so transparently phony and disingenuous? Because they know that the media, social media and the big tech plutocrats who run them, will give them cover and be on their side.

Never in our lifetimes have we seen a more slanted, lazy and dishonest media, spin stories and events to fit their narrative than we have in recent years and especially in the past year. That may have contributed to the frustration that led to thousands of people to gather in Washington this past Wednesday. It's still doesn't fit the real profile of the people that attended that day, that they would resort to the violence that shocked and saddened us this week.

The media and many of the Trump haters they cater to would love to tell the story of violent Trump supporters storming the Capitol building. They did so with glee and an "I told you so" attitude they've been waiting four years to say. But when the dust settles and the perpetrators of the violence and found out and investigated, can you trust the media to tell us who they were and who they truly represented? Don't count on it. But you can count on at least one of our phony representatives to get in front of the cameras and insist the blame is "on the other side".

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

NJ Congressman Andy Kim helps clean up after Capitol riot

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