🚨 Nine men were charged and arrested in an attempted robbery early Friday morning

🚨 Several other got away in a car

🚨 The dealership posted video of the arrests adding music and commentary

ROXBURY TOWNSHIP — A power sports vehicle dealership where nine people were arrested following a break-in released a music video featuring their security footage of the failed heist Friday morning.

Township police said they charged and arrested eight men from Philadelphia and one from Phoenix after they were found in a fenced-in area at Ledgewood Power Sports on Route 46 in the Ledgewood section at 4:10 a.m.

Five of the individuals were arrested by Roxbury and Netcong officers. Four people who hopped the fence into a wooded area were found with the help of the Morris County Sheriff's K9 officer.

A silver BMW drove off and crashed on Landing Road. The occupants of the car got away, according to police.

The fenced area contained nearly a half-million dollars worth of ATVs and UTVs, according to the dealership.


Comic relief in security video

A series of videos posted by the dealership on their Facebook page with added music shows the suspects trying to run and climb the fence as police and K9s enter the area.

"Our burglars are seen displaying not-so-terrific Superman diving skills, and every criminal for themselves behavior (we loved how some jumped and fell flat on their face) while they quickly realize pwc trailers do not make a great springboard for scaling a fence," the dealership wrote. "Ohhh that trailer axle between the legs must have hurt, poor guy."

One of the videos included an airline pilot-like welcome for the suspects taking a ride in the back of a police vehicle.

"We know you had your choice of jurisdictions in which you could break the law and we thank you for choosing us today," the unidentified commentator said.

Charges in attempted theft at Ledgewood PowerSports in Roxbury
Charges in attempted theft at Ledgewood PowerSports in Roxbury (Canva)

Grateful for a joint effort

Roxbury Township Police Chief Dean Adone was grateful for the joint effort to apprehend the suspects.

“Their immediate response unquestionably stopped a large-scale burglary in progress of approximately $488,000 in ATVs and UTVs. The quick-thinking of every officer arriving inevitably led to swiftly removing these criminals from Roxbury Township and I am proud of their achievement this morning," Adone said in a statement.

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