GREENWICH (Gloucester) — A South Jersey police officer has been charged with having sex with a prostitute while on duty and then trying to cover up his crime.

William H. Dick III, 42, is suspended without pay from the department, where he's been an officer for 13 years and earns a base salary of more than $92,400.

He was charged Friday after appearing at the Gloucester County prosecutor's offices with his attorney by his side. He was released after posting $35,000 bail.

He was charged with official misconduct, soliciting a prostitute while on duty on April 22 and witness tampering. The prosecutor said Dick had sex with the prostitute.

Later, Dick attempted "to induce or otherwise cause a witness to falsely recant an initial report to law enforcement" in a phone call, the complaint states. The prosecutor did not release further details.

If convicted of official misconduct, he faces a mandatory prison sentence with no eligibility for parole.

The Gloucester County Prosecutor's Officer does not release arrest booking photos of suspects as a matter of policy.

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