Is this a guy who was trying extra hard to win the $1,000 in our Light Up NJ! contest?

Now some people slap a wreath on their front door and call it a day. Others do what most do, some rattan reindeer, lights on the bushes, maybe a few inflatables. There’s even the guy in every Jersey town who goes full Clark Griswold, electric bill be damned.

Then there’s this guy.

Jeff Deminski photo
Jeff Deminski photo

He’s not satisfied with lighting up just his home. No sir, he’s taking his love of Christmas on the road. He’s Mister Over The Top Guy.

Hey, forgive me, this is starting to sound like one of those old Bud Light “Here’s to you…” ads.

This was seen in my town at our local Sonic. And more power to him! Only the Grinch and old man Potter wouldn’t get a happy feeling seeing this car roll past. Oh man, I wonder just how many times a day people are taking a picture.

He’s far from the first person to decorate their vehicles for the holidays. Although his is truly personalized.

We’ve all seen those reindeer antlers that you secure at the top of your doors and the red nose to put on your grill.

We’ve also seen the Christmas wreath on the grill. I’ve often caught this on big rigs.

Heck, check out this article on things to decorate your car with you never even thought of. They sell little Christmas figures like snowmen and trees for your car’s interior. You clip them right onto your air vents.

Or how about red Merry Christmas floor mats? Yep, they make those. They make Christmas coasters you fit into the bottom of your drink cup holders. Car flags that say Merry Christmas. They even make, in holiday colors, license plates that read Ho Ho Ho, Bahumbug, etc.. Of course those don’t work in a state like New Jersey that requires official plates on both ends of your car.

Hey, if you want to brighten up people’s day by decorating your car for Christmas it’s way better than road rage. Not to mention way better than those stupid truck nutz, which really ought to land you on the naughty list.

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