The first day of legal sales of recreational weed saw long lines and brisk sales. Many of the people who took the time to go said it was worth the trip even though the prices are high. It was a historic day, and most people went to get a selfie while they waited in line so they could post it on social media.

The first day saw traffic backing up on Route One onto Route 295 North to get to Zen Leaf dispensary in Lawrenceville.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

Zen Leaf has three locations in New Jersey and dozens nationwide. That's a lot of overhead that corporations need to operate. There's marketing, rent, payroll, legal, etc.

The guy named Noz you've been meeting in the Wawa parking lot or who pulls up in your driveway twice a month has none of that expense. He can keep the price low and offer just about as much variety. We had a few dealers call in this week who said they'll lower their price as low as they need to stay competitive.

It's very coincidental that a story came out this week warning people of drug dealers lacing some of their product, including marijuana with fentanyl, theoretically to get their customers a bigger high and more business. No doubt that is a danger and may be happening with stronger drugs but unlikely with weed.

Recreational Marijuana New Jersey

Was this story floated this week to encourage weed smokers to abandon their street supplier and go with the state-regulated dispensaries? You can make up your own mind on that.

The other reason that your dealer can offer it for a cheaper price aside from overhead expenses, is taxes. And we know the state of New Jersey is addicted to tax money more than a heroin junkie. They didn't legalize recreational weed because they wanted to further the cause of freedom for consenting adults.

The reason most often promoted is social justice, citing the drug laws' impact on minorities the most. Nice cover, but IT'S THE MONEY, STUPID! They want as much as they can grab to keep growing government.

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