It is kind of hard to believe. After all the time we have been talking about it, something in the back of my mind allowed me to believe that we would not really be doing this.

I’m talking about the inane plastic bag ban. I’ve made it clear in many posts online that I believe this is the most pointless virtue signaling Gov. Murphy has ever done. I also believe that it’s counterproductive because most of the alternatives to the plastic bag have an equally large effect on the environment in the long term, but that’s a different post for a different day.

Now that May 4 is just about upon us, we have to stop pretending like it’s not going to happen and start planning for what we will do when it does. Because remember, in this dumb piece of legislation is also a ban on PAPER bags (No one has ever really been able to explain that). So there you go. You’ve got to figure out a way an alternative way to get your groceries home.

NZ Government Consider Banning Single-Use Plastic Bags
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I’ve already purchased a bunch of those plastic bags that the grocery stores give out. The irony is that if enough people do that, there could possibly be just as much of an environmental impact from all from the manufacture, packing, shipping, and delivery of these boxes as the plastic bags themselves ever caused.

But I digress.

It’s here and we've got to do it. Instead of collecting bags to be reused, if you feel like stocking up, many stores in New Jersey have begun selling reusable bags for pretty good prices.

These are the six best ways to bring your groceries home. (Besides for the old way which we’re not allowed to do anymore because Phil Murphy cares about you).

Walmart: The Largest Private Employer In The U.S.
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For just 50 cents you can purchase a reusable bag from Walmart. The bags can be folded up easily and are perfect for any daily task where a medium-sized tote is needed. The bags can be found in stores or online.


Kohls has a super wide range of reusable bags to choose from, all for different tasks. From utility carts to “chic” totes, you can find a bag appropriate for any occasion while still following the reusable bag rule. The fun designs can also encourage younger kids to get excited about the new bag rule and get more involved environmentally.

Plastic Bag Ban


I’m sure there are no surprises here, considering what doesn’t Target ever have? Target is selling their own branded reusable bags in addition to other reusable bags which you can buy in bulk. There are a ton of colors to choose from as well, so you can get a bulk pack and pick a different color each day depending how you’re feeling.

Oriental Trading

If you are in need of reusable bags in bulk definitely head to Oriental Trading. From packs of 12-50 to purchase you can guarantee you are never bagless again. This is also great if you work for a school or are planning a party and need something to put goodies or gifts in.

Home Depot

If you are looking to sport a bright orange reusable bag, you know where to go. Home Depot’s bags are extra sturdy and great if you are transporting items in a garden, or even putting items in your car that need a little more stability.



This is what I stocked up on. Who knew that they called them T-shirt bags? But this is the T-Shirt shaped, regular plastic shopping bag that every single grocery store you’ve ever been to has been using for years. You know them, you love them, and they take up very little room in your pocket or handbag. And at $15.99 for 350, you’re an eco-friendly hero.

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