What have you done on a dare? What is the wildest thing you've done? We heard calls all morning from people who have climbed mountains, jumped out of planes and swam with sharks.

For me, a little less aggressive than any of those but still challenging for sure. As you know, over the winter I took the plunge into an ice bath and exceeded expectations by lasting 10 minutes and 13 seconds.

This summer, I'm at it again. On June 25 I'm challenging my son Michael to see who can make it to 11 minutes.

My slight concern now is the hot weather. When I took the challenge in the late winter/fall, it was 50 degrees and raining. The shock of the ice was less dramatic as I was cold before I started! But with the heat from this past weekend, my concern is that It'll be immediately cooling and refreshing and then feel way colder than it did a few months ago.

I guess we're gonna find out! And yes, I'll live stream the plunge!


But, before I hit the ice, I'll be racing a car at the New Jersey Motor Sports Park. The race is all a part of a charity promotion with my good friends at Commercial Realty Partners. I'll be racing to raise money for the top recovery group in NJ, fighting on the front lines of the war against addiction, CFC Loud n Clear.

The challenge is on and my friend Rich Bodmer, former pro-football player, NASCAR certified driver and director with CRP joined me on air to throw out another challenge. He's betting me three appearances with his racecar for my advocacy group Common Sense Club against three appearances from me to his events. That plus the loser will contribute another $500 to CFC Loud!

The bet is best time around the track in the fast car. Rich is spotting me 15 seconds on the 2.5-mile lap.  And yes, I'll be livestreaming the race so you can follow the progress! Join the event here.

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