Nick Di Paolo is a comic throwback to a time when comics didn't have to worry about offending anyone. From his podcast, to his numerous appearances on Howard Stern, to "The Nick And Artie Show," Going back to "Tough Crowd," Di Paolo always says what he's got to say and let's the chips fall where they may. He's also coming to the Brook Arts Center this Saturday night.

DiPaolo's extensive TV resume includes; "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "The Tonight Show with David Letterman," and "Conan." He was twice nominated for an Emmy for writing on HBO's "The Chris Rock Show," and three Comedy Central Specials. As far as acting goes, Di Paolo's been seen on FX's "Louie," "Inside Amy Shumer," and "The Sopranos."

Di Paolo rebels against political correctness.

"It's in the clubs now too [political correctness]," Di Paolo said. "What's scary is the people who own the clubs now grew up in the PC era, and they've kinda bought into it. The whole idea of comedy is number one, being funny but saying the stuff that people are afraid to say...that's what I enjoy the most. I never took that for granted once."

Hear it for yourself this weekend, in fact bring some friends, you'll want to share the experience.

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