The National Football League is reportedly seeking to double its broadcasting rights fees. Does that shock you? If it does, it shouldn't surprise you. The NFL knows it can do anything it wants.

The NFL has caused fans to be repulsed by players who they feel disrespect the national anthem by taking a knee. Though some swore off the game, most stayed and came back for more.

They have brought political viewpoints into the game, which was once an escape from all that. In the NFL money matters and getting the most they possibly can from their fans who have stuck with them through thick, thin and pandemic, is what matters most.

Too many of its fans, the NFL is an addiction that they can't get enough of no matter the price. They can double it, triple it, it doesn't matter. They may get upset, outraged, even swear off the game for life. That is until the game starts and your team is playing.  If your team happens to have a winning season, it's all the better but not important.

The NFL knows this and is more than willing to take advantage. It's what they do. There is no sports bigger or with more money than the National Football League and if they can get more from you so be it.

I can say this because I'm a football addict. If they ever start "Football Anonymous" I'll be the first one at the meeting saying, "Hello my name is Steve and I'm a Giants fan." Then I'll write the check for whatever they're asking.

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