That’s right, the money the airport spent to upgrade the eateries and bars at the gates is terrific. But it’s only for ticketed passengers.

The problem is every time we drop our daughter and son off at the airport, we have to say our goodbyes before security. And the choices for sitting down and having a drink and a snack before security are limited.

More than that, there’s always a level of stress that security will take longer than you think. As you know, Spadea’s are often pulled out of line for the extra search, so at best, a rushed cup of coffee before we say goodbye. Why can’t I buy a ticket to cover the fee for the TSA screening and accompany my kids to the gate?

Remember years ago before everyone was panicked about air travel, you waved goodbye through the big windows watching your loved ones plane taxi and take off. Why can’t we do that now? If you go through the same security, there’s no additional risk.

Think about the tax revenue, the employment opportunities and the benefit to families. It’s time to remove the restriction of having only ticketed passengers go through security. Some people claim that the lines would be too long. Possibly, but then shouldn’t we talk about the process of security? Why are we still taking off our shoes. Belts, jackets? We have scanners that can essentially see you naked.

We have the ability to have dogs sniffing around for bombs and drugs. Why not implement a better security system of profiling behavior as they do in Israel? We can do better and make the entire travel experience more pleasant and productive for everyone.

On a later broadcast/post I’ll discuss the idea of having background checks for flyers. Maybe everyone should have to qualify for a TSA pre-check and/or Global Entry card in order to fly…just a thought.

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