NEWARK — The son of a woman left sitting in her wheelchair for 12 hours at Newark airport is looking for answers as to why nobody helped her after getting bumped off a connecting flight to London.

According to WUSA, Steven Williams dropped his 77-year-old mother at the airport for the first flight and said he later got a text message that she had reached her destination. Despite assurances from United airlines that her travel had gone smoothly, Williams said he later learned his mother had in fact not made the flight across the ocean.

"They offered her a hotel that was miles away. She had to get there on her own steam," he told WUSA. "There's no way my mom could have pushed a wheelchair at her age, so she sat there."

Williams said in the story that his mother is easily confused, which likely contributed to the problems she faced that day. He said United called him after the incident to apologize and to offer his mother a $1,000 voucher for a future flight.

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