EATONTOWN – The latest home for Amazon Fresh will be in Eatontown as of June 20.

This will mark the concept’s second location in the Garden State. Amazon Fresh opened its first New Jersey location in Paramus.

Amazon Fresh will have to compete with nearby Trader Joe's, Lidl and more.

Over 40 Amazon Fresh stores are stationed throughout the U.S., according to CNN. Since the launch of the concept in 2020, there have been bumps in the road over the years, which have included expansion halts and layoffs.

While anyone can shop at Amazon Fresh, according to Amazon's website, those with an Amazon account get access to its staple Amazon Dash Cart shopping feature.

Stock photo provided by Amazon
Stock photo provided by Amazon

The Dash Cart allows a shopper use a QR code to link their cart to their Amazon account. Once done shopping, Amazon says it uses "computer vision algorithms and sensor fusion" to have the person bypass any checkout lane.

A more conventional experience is available to customers without an account.

The Eatontown site at 137 Route 35 will be open seven days a week from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m.

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