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Scammers are trying a new ploy involving the Turnpike to separate New Jersey residents from their money.

The first reports of this most recent text message scam began popping up on Thursday, April 11, according to the New Jersey Turnpike Authority.

Similar scams have been reported in Pennsylvania. New York drivers have also recently been targeted by text scams involving E-ZPass.

According to the NJTA, this new scam is not limited to New Jersey E-ZPass customers. Anyone with a cell phone with a New Jersey area code phone number can receive the bogus texts.

NJ Toll Hikes
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What's the new scam?

The new Turnpike text scam aims to trick New Jerseyans into inputting their credit card information into a fake website.

Scammers are now sending text messages claiming to be from "NJ Turnpike toll services" to NJ area code phone numbers.

However, "NJ Turnpike toll services" isn't affiliated with the New Jersey Turnpike Authority or any other government agency. It's a trick.

The text includes a link to a website for the scammers' targets to pay an outstanding toll balance. The text also threatens that if the balance isn't paid, the victim will incur a late fee.

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NJ Turnpike toll services scam example (NJ Turnpike Authority/Canva)
NJ Turnpike toll services scam example (NJ Turnpike Authority/Canva)

"The outstanding toll balances described in the text messages are not real. Drivers who receive text messages from NJ Turnpike toll services should delete them without clicking on the link," the NJTA said in an advisory statement.

If someone did click on the link and filled out the form, they should contact their bank or credit card provider right away.

Anyone who receives one of these bogus texts, whether they click the link or not, is asked to report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Reports can be filed online at ReportFraud.ftc.gov.

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