It came as a big surprise to my partner Judi, that I had never tasted or heard of ketchup-flavored potato chips this week.

At first it seemed like an odd combination. Then it made sense if we dip French fries in ketchup, why wouldn't this be a perfect combo? It turned out to be really good.

It was the Herr's brand from southeastern Pennsylvania. They're a big distributor of snack foods here on the east coast and are one of the biggest in the mid-Atlantic. We love their kettle cooked jalapeno chips even though I'm not the biggest chip fan.

Lays is the biggest snack manufacturer in the country and one website has ranked their best chips. Plain potato chips still top the list with barbecue chips coming in a close second.

Here in Jersey we have our own favorites and some of them are pretty funky.

They vary from sweet to savory and sometimes even cross the line. Not only flavor boundaries, but lines of good taste and decency.

This is what some of our listeners snack food junk food favorites. If you want to go into a junk food coma, a jar of French Onion dip and a bag of Ruffles potato chips will do it for just about anybody, but some New Jerseyans go off the rails with their choices.

  • 1

    Flaming Hot Cheetos in milk as a cereal

  • 2

    Wasabi peas

  • 3

    Necco Wafers

  • 4

    Jax cheese doodles

  • 5

    Honey Nut Cheerios smothered in Rivera's reaper hot sauce.

  • 6

    Elotee corn chips dippers from Trader Joe's

  • 7

    Oreo type wafers with homemade whip cream in a layer cake

  • 8

    Steak-flavored potato chips

  • 9

    Sardines right out of the can

  • 10

    Mozzarella balls marinated in olive oil

  • 11

    Herr's red hot potato chips

  • 12

    Manzanilla olives right out of the jar

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