Is there anything more frustrating than sending a text message and seeing that the person you sent it to left you on “read?”

They saw the message… You KNOW they saw the message… And yet there’s no response.

The nerve.

People in certain states are much worse about this than others. Luckily, according to a recent study, New Jerseyans are actually pretty good about reading their messages.

Moore Media
Moore Media

The study was done by Secure Data Recovery:

From November 28, 2023, to December 3, 2023, we surveyed 2,024 Americans about their unread messages. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 76 years old, and were 48% female, 50% male, and 2% nonbinary.

Don’t expect your California friends to read your messages, they were ranked the absolute worst for reading texts.

New phone, who dis?
Man Typing on Smart phone

These are the states best at reading texts:

1️⃣ Maine
2️⃣ Arizona
3️⃣ Alabama
4️⃣ Idaho
5️⃣ (tie) Oregon, Texas
7️⃣ (four way tie) Nevada, New York, Utah, New Jersey

The Garden State can boast that we have some of the lowest average numbers of unread messages every day.

Misha Shutkevych
Misha Shutkevych

If nothing else, I want texts opened to get rid of that dang red notification, and it seems I’m not alone. The study says notification bubbles on apps make 48% of respondents feel overwhelmed.

Fellow 48%-ers, much like your messages, you are seen.

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We’re less eager to read emails, but we still rank pretty high. In terms of the average number of unread emails, we drop down to #12 in the country.

Here are some texts you might want to ignore:

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