Did you see this story from Galloway Township in Atlantic County? A 26 year old woman, Rhiannon V. Thompson, had quite the interesting night. Police were talking to her after being called about a noise complaint about her house when she just stripped and started assaulting the officers, according to the Courierpostonline.com. Officers then searched her home and found a lot of weed.

The Courier-Post reports that police found “a large stash of marijuana, wax marijuana, marijuana butter, and marijuana edibles” including brownies, cookies, and cereal treats which were packaged for distribution, although we may assume Ms. Thompson had kept some for personal use. In case you don’t know what “wax marijuana” is (I certainly didn’t), according to Wikileaf.com, marijuana wax is made by placing marijuana in a long tube and adding butane which extracts the THC in a semi-solid glob that can be four to eight times more potent than smoking a joint. After the wax cools, it is smoked just like leaf marijuana in a bong. There have been internet reports of the wax marijuana being so powerful as to cause psychoactive incidents. I’m guessing Ms. Thompson used the wax.

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