Jordan Harris Goldfarb couldn’t wait until his parents got to a hospital to greet them. He came into the world on the George Washington Bridge. His parents, Allison and Blake Goldfarb of North Caldwell, were on their way to a hospital in Manhattan when Jordan started to make his appearance. She was not due for another week.

According to Fox 5 New York, technically the baby wasn’t on the bridge. His parents pulled over once they reached the New York side and father Blake delivered him in the passenger seat of their car. "At that point, I think human instincts kind of clicked and they were just like you need to deliver this baby so I gently grabbed him and brought him out extremely slowly," Blake Goldfarb told Fox 5. News 12 New Jersey reports that Blake is an attorney and has no medical training.

To make things even more dramatic, both Allison and Blake were suffering from COVID-19 at the time. They had been diagnosed about 12 days earlier. Blake said he was driving “100 miles an hour” when the EMS technician on the phone told him to pull over and deliver the baby who had started crowning while on the bridge. Because of the COVID restrictions, Blake wasn’t going to be allowed in the delivery room at the hospital for the birth; instead, he delivered the baby himself.

Jordan was born healthy and both he and his mom are doing fine. He was named for Allison’s baby brother who died at age three of leukemia.

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