How cool is this?

Every year Shop Rite has a “partners in caring Cheerios contest” that is sponsored by the grocery retailer and by General Mills, the maker of Cheerios. Partners in caring is a and initiative to fight hunger in ShopRite communities.

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But this year is different. To celebrate the dedication to the cause that their associates have shown, and the $1 million they helped raise to fight hunger, a special edition Cheerios box has been created that has photos of the winners right on it!

Associates who will be featured are employees of the following NJ Shop Rites: English Creek, Galloway, Marmora, Rio Grande and Somers Point.

The stores are holding ceremonies to unveil the boxes and are inviting the public to participate.

According to an article on, "The work these volunteers do begins in September, which is 'Hunger action month.'" This is the time of year, and you know it well, where store employees will encourage you to round up your purchase to the next dollar amount, the extra money going toward this were the cause. They also hold other fundraisers like car washes and the like.

This is especially valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic when so many people had financial struggles. The lucky recipients of the honor of being featured on the Cheerios box are the following people from these stores:

On Tuesday, March 23 at 11 AM at
Shop Rite of Rio Grande:
Julia Burroughs, Bernadette Eichenhofer

Tuesday, March 23 at 1 PM at
ShopRite of Marmora:
Robert Caslow and Dominic Iannace

Thursday, March 25 at 12:30 PM at
ShopRite of English Creek
Terri Baldwin, Ketan Raval, Lisa Ribeiro and Elaine Taylor

Thursday, March 25 at 2 PM at
Shop Rite of Galloway
Andrew Naumchick and Marlene Reid

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