My daughter lives in Fort Worth Texas and works in Dallas. She's in healthcare and reports that the hospital she works in has gone from 98 COVID patients about a month ago to just 12 this week. That's not what you would think is happening if you live in New Jersey. Our governor blasted the governor of Texas two weeks ago when it was announced that their governor was lifting the mask mandate as of last Wednesday, March 12.

Murphy said he was "stunned" at the decision and wondered "what they are thinking." Well, what they are thinking is that the mask mandate was a step too far and that people should decide for themselves if masks actually do protect them and their neighbors and act accordingly. Murphy can't understand that because Murphy doesn't really know his job and his role to uphold and respect the constitutional rights of his citizens. Sadder yet, is that neither do many of the people of New Jersey. Many think he's doing a great job at "keeping us safe".

Once the mask mandate was lifted in Texas last week, my daughter said not much has changed. Signs in stores changed from "masks required" to "please wear a mask" in some stores, in others there are no signs but you are certainly welcome wear one or not, or not go in there if you feel uncomfortable. That's freedom. That's real life. That's Texas. That's not New Jersey.

She went to the Dallas Farmer's Market on Saturday and the majority of people were wearing masks, even though it's a covered outside venue. She then went to a St. Patrick's Day beer garden in downtown Dallas right after that and almost no one was wearing one. Those who weren't comfortable with that didn't go or went with a mask. There were no celebrations here indoor or outdoor. No celebrations of St. Patrick's Day in New Jersey and certainly no celebrations of freedom.

Photo from Marissa Mele
Photo from Marissa Mele

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