Your children have had plenty of time to drive you crazy and wear you down since school let out in June, but is it enough to make you wish for the quick arrival of school in September?

Ann Falduto of Morris Plains isn't looking forward to when her daughter and niece return to school in September. (Dino Flammia, Townsquare Media NJ)

Most kids are disgusted by the thought of back-to-school time. It signals the end of summer and the return of homework and early mornings. But many parents, at least in New Jersey, feel the same way.

We spoke to a few New Jersey mothers to see whether or not they were counting down the days until their kids got back on the bus.

"I'm dreading it," said Morris Plains resident Ann Falduto, whose 7-year-old daughter enters second grade on Sept. 8. "I like having them home. I hate homework. I hate the routine. I like to stay in my pajamas."

The early start is a big problem as well for Patricia Guastella of Tinton Falls, whose kindergartner and third-grader will begin their days at 7:40 a.m.

"I like not having to rush to get them ready in the morning," she said.

But, Guastella admitted, she could use some alone time given her children "fight every minute of the day."

Holmdel resident Ilyce Williams said she doesn't want her kids back in school yet because they're essentially different people during the summer months.

"They're definitely less stressed out…They're much happier children and I enjoy that about them," she said.

Melissa Pomphrey from Barnegat has two reasons to hope August never ends. For one, she enjoys that her family can be "unstructured" all summer.

"I'm a teacher so I don't want to go back either," she said. "I'd rather stay at the beach and not work. I'd rather keep them!"

Are you sick of your kids yet? Or do you hate the thought of them starting school again? Let us know below.