An annual list of the most dangerous cities in America was released for 2013 and unfortunately NJ has the distinction of making the list.

Camden Waterfront
Camden Waterfront (Filckr User Jim, the Photographer)

2 New Jersey cities, not only made the list, but they both were in the top-10. Newark, for all its controversy, surprisingly, did not make the top-10. Newark came in #51 on the list, right behind Philadelphia.

Atlantic City, the town that NJ is trying to market into a tourist destination, was voted the 7th most dangerous city in America, while Camden was voted the 2nd most dangerous, coming in only behind East St. Louis, Illinois.

Camden, with a community of over 77,000, reportedly experiences a 1 in 36 chance of being victimized by a violent crime. A resident's chance of falling victim to a violent or property-related crime is 1 in 11.

Don't worry NJ, if you're looking for the bright side, it could be much worse as Michigan has 4 cities in the top 10. To view the entire list, click here.

Which towns do you find most dangerous in NJ? Leave your comments below.

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