There is another dubious distinction for the Garden State: 9 New Jersey cities are on Business Insider’s list of “most miserable” cities. The publication culled information from 1,000 US cities, taking into account population change, percentage of adults working, median household income, the percentage of people without health care, median commute times, and the number of people living in poverty. See the full Business Insider list for yourself here.

So, which New Jersey cities made the list? Passaic was deemed to be the 4th most miserable city in the US. Business Insider notes that the city has a third of its population living in poverty. Right on its heels is New Jersey’s largest city, Newark, at #5 with its violent crime rate being one of the factors that sticks out. Camden is number 8 and its average household income is the lowest on the list at $26,000. The Hub City of New Brunswick ranks 11th and the fact that gun violence increased 64% in 2017. Union City is 15th, our capital of Trenton is 17th, Paterson is 19th, West New York is 29th, and Plainfield is 30th.

We shouldn’t feel that bad, though, as California put 10 cities on the list, so it sucks to be them. The very most miserable city in the country? Business Insider says that distinction goes to Gary, Indiana.

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