We’re surrounded by tech and it is expanding exponentially, at least that’s the way it seems, anyway. It’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Plus, innumerable internet scams are vying for your attention. So, how tech-savvy are we here in New Jersey? Well, according to a recent report, we’re middle of the road.

A website called EmpireStakes.com, pulled together a variety of metrics to rank the 50 states on how tech-savvy they are.

This is what the data revealed about New Jersey:

  • Ranking: 19
  • Number of people employed in tech jobs: 190,120
  • Average SAT Scores: 1079
  • Average IQ: 101
  • Percentage of the population with a Bachelor's Degree or Higher: 40.7%
  • Fraud reports (per 100,000 population): 1070
  • Total Tech Score: 33.29

Some of that data surprised me, especially as it compares to other states, so I double-checked it and found that, yes, Nebraska does have a higher average SAT score than New Jersey. A lot of states do. Kind of disappointing.

Massachusetts takes the top spot with an impressive 224,250 people employed in tech jobs. The state boasts an average SAT score of 1029 and an average IQ of 103.

With 44.5% of its population holding a bachelor's degree or higher, Massachusetts leads the nation in education and tech.

While Massachusetts ranks number one in tech, the state ranked 21st in the highest number of internet fraud across the nation according to the FBI database.

Unsurprisingly, California, a thriving tech industry state, secures the second position.

The state employs a staggering 1,000,100 tech professionals and records an average SAT score of 1115 and an average IQ of 97.1. While 34.7% of Californians hold a bachelor's degree or higher.

California, while ranking second, takes the number one spot among Internet fraud reports in 2022, with 80,766 victims.

Nevada takes the last spot as the least tech-savvy state.

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